Potential HOD LOD Completion Screening on GadBad PRO

Potential High of Day or Low of Day Completion Screening using GadBad PRO :

A new SCREENING formula is now available on the GadBad PRO.

A technique to screen for stocks that have most likely completed its today’s High or Low.

This particular screening need to be done before 12:30 PM, (the earlier the better).

Giving sufficient time for the stocks to retrace or pullback and taking a trade on this retracement or pullback.

Screening for stocks to go short with the today’s high as Stop-Loss, or go long with today’s low as Stop Loss.

The most important part is the Risk to Reward ratio which is very attractive to this particular screening feature.

This example on the video screens KOTAKBANK as a potential High of Day completion candidate at 11:15 am on 8/JUNE/2017.


This 15min EOD chart of KOTAKBANK shows that, the high formed before 11:15 am continued to stay as high of the day.


In another example, TATACOMM , was screened in  on 07/JUNE/2017 as a Potential HOD completion Stock at 12 pm.

Here, is the 15m EOD Chart for TATACOMM for 07/June/2017.

In another example, SYNDIBANK , was screened in  on 08/JUNE/2017 as a Potential HOD completion Stock at 11:30 am.



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