Subscribe here : GadBad PRO Version : The xTRA features

All Versions of The GadBad and FataFat Stock Screeners supports LIVE Intraday Screening.

The 15 min time frames on GadBad are updated to the most recent data on every 15 min time Frame.
For eg. when the Color Blocks updates at 10am , it contains the latest data at 10am.

Screenshot of The GadBad PRO Stock Screener :

GadBad Stock Screener PRO Features

The extra features you find on GadBad PRO vs The Free Version of GadBad :

  1. DARK GREEN BARS = Increase in Price and creating New Intraday High’s on 15 min time frames.
  2. DARK RED BARS = Decrease in Price and creating New Intraday Low’s on 15 min time frames.
  3. Visual Daily Pivot Point Screener.
  4. Near Intraday High’s and Low’s.
  5. ABOVE, BELOW, NEAR HIGH, NEAR LOW: Standard Deviation of 5 day volatility Range Screener.
  6. NIFTY and BANK NIFTY weight-age Screener.
  7. Continuous Intraday Screening for HOT  Stocks with favorable RISK to REWARD Ratio.
  8. 15 mins Volume Tracking Tool.
  9. Potential High and Low of Day Completion Screening.


GadBAd PRO Volume Tracking

The Volume Tracking tool is built into the GadBAd PRO Package.

The Volume Tracking Screener helps you Track Volume Concentration on 15 Min Time Frames Starting 9:45 AM.

Currently SCREENS 174 FNO STOCKS for Intraday Trading. Ideal for Volume Price Analysis for Intraday Traders.

LIGHT BLUE = Volume greater than previous 15min.

BLUE = Volume is 2 x greater than than previous 15min.

DARK BLUE = Volume is 3 x greater than than previous 15min.

How to Start using The GadBad Pro Stock Screener ?

The GadBad PRO Stock Screener is a subscription based toolkit.

To subscribe Online , Please click the Subscribe buttons below :

3 months Subscription at 499/- INR.

Activation details sent to your email after payment made.

Who can Subscribe to GadBad  PRO Stock Screener ?

Subscribe if you are familiar with daytrading and price action trading.

This is a Stock Screener and not a Trade Signal Generator.  Results Screened using these Stock Screeners need to be analyzed further using your own trading skills.

If you have not used the Free GadBad Stock Screener, please use it for a week before you subscribe to the PRO Package.